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Ban Lifted!!!

Thank You, Real World 

September 20, 2016

Tuesday Evening E-mail and Letter 
Ban Lifted 

Yesterday evening, Dean Adrian Randolph on behalf of NU undertook a tactical retreat, but they have by no means abandoned their campaign against me:

Dear Jackie,

I have just received word about Dr. Dinwiddie’s preliminary findings. As you know, there are more evaluations scheduled, but given what I have heard I would prefer that you return to teaching immediately. Enclosed is a letter with details.

I am pleased that this could be arranged before the beginning of the fall term. However, know that I am very concerned about your conduct. The letter lays out my concerns, which may lead to disciplinary procedures.



Your Letters, THANK YOU!!!

I have not seen the preliminary report of my own evaluation, but it appears Dr. Dinwiddie did not write the report the administration hoped he would write.  However, I was not cleared to teach because I passed a test.  In fact, the tests are still ongoing, as NU planned when it rolled out the ban in late July and then failed to forward my file to the psychiatrist in a timely fashion.  I received this letter because Adrian Randolph has received lengthy, thoughtful letters from around the world signed by well over 100 scholars and media professionals (we are behind on counting and collating), many quite eminent, telling him they are watching what he is doing.

Randolph also has been receiving letters from students and colleagues at Northwestern, including department and program chairs who provided him with a very different picture than the one in Rinehart's report and who have pointed out the department factions that shaped the Rinehart findings.  

(Thanks to folks for sending me the link to an article published yesterday describing how administrators such as Randolph assist academic mobbing.)

The fact that Randolph's most recent letter threatens disciplinary action and is not a public apology for his central role in characterizing me as an uncaptured member of the Manson clan shows how far the Brand NU World has coopted him.  

Harassment Continues

Randolph's accompanying letter imposes several irrational and unfounded conditions on my employment, and threatens unspecified disciplinary action through The Graduate School, training in teaching, and mandatory behavioral modification training (!).   Randolph also is requiring me immediately to move out of my office in the Political Science Department and into another building.  Imagine your classes starting and you have no access to your books, course readers, lecture notes and so forth.  The office move also entails burdensome inconveniences imposed by the distance between my office and  administrative support.  Now that I have been cleared of being a threat, the one conceivable purpose served by the move is to isolate me from the rest of the department.

Randolph still refuses to restore me to the Political Science Department list-serve (further evidence the administration's goal is marginalization and not safety) and has not restored my students' access to $3,000 in Farrell Fellow funds awarded me March 30, 2016.  

In an Orwellian effort to avoid review by the Faculty Senate Committee on Cause, Associate Provost Lindsay Chase-Lansdale and Randolph are claiming that none of the actions taken against me are disciplinary, even though the Faculty Handbook says otherwise.

Notice that Tillery has no evidence of any sort about conduct by me that would lead a rational person to fear for his safety, while I produced a signed statement from a student corroborating my account that Tillery yelled and me and slammed a door.  Yet I am the one banished away from my colleagues, not the individual who yelled, slammed the door, and lied about this.  What a sad message to send to our junior faculty, who may have believed tenure gave them protections from retaliatory, politically motivated disciplinary measures.  

The letter also alleges I "bully" people weaker than me.  Would that be Chair Sara Monoson?  Dean Adrian Randolph? NU's Provost Dan Linzer?  NU's former President Henry Bienen?  NU's attorneys Philip Harris and Stephanie Graham?  The Crown Family (now the 34th wealthiest family in the United States)?  The CEOs and directors of Abbott Laboratories, Boeing, Caterpillar, and General Dynamics?  Maybe Randolph has in mind a certain Lieutenant General (retired) and former Ambassador to Afghanistan?

I engage in critical inquiries and discussion, but it is never personalized.  The best evidence that I have bullied no one is that after several months no one has offered a shred of factual information to the contrary, including Randolph in his most recent letter.  

Instead of attending to a personnel file now filled with statements from students I have assisted in everything from ensuring they can sleep in dorm rooms free of infectious insects to their honors theses, and statements from junior colleagues across the country indicating my support of them, Randolph is relying on vague, self-serving rumors.  

It indeed may be the case that some students have complained about a course, the same quarter I received high marks on evaluations for another seminar.  Should we institute a policy whereby faculty subject to student complaints be forced to undergo teacher training without even being informed of the substance of the student complaints, much less being allowed to defend themselves? 

Here's Randolph's letter of September 19, 2016.