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Part I of II

September 8, 2016

 This is an account of the non-investigation of my accurate report of Alvin Tillery's March outburst (Part I) and the sham investigation NU initiated after I requested indemnification against Tillery, to be reviewed in Part II.

The Report and Non-Investigation of Tillery's Outburst

In his recent statements to the Daily, Alvin Tillery and an anonymous source working with the administration retell a demonstrably false account of the events of March 8, 2016 in Tillery's office.  Please see the former NU student's sworn statement, first released in its entirety today. 

NU's non-independent consultant, Kathleen Rinehart, claims in her Executive Summary that the student did not hear anything and also that I coached him on what to tell her.  Which is it? Tillery repeats these allegations.

Today's post includes my initial complaint and discusses it in the context of NU policy and the former student who was an ear-witness to it.  Tomorrow's post will document the cover-up.

The account below includes links to pdfs in their entirety and also copies with some redactions from original documents. After making appropriate redactions to abide by university confidentiality policies we will be uploading pdfs of originals for purposes of verification.  

(I am trying to submit page proofs due this week for an edited collection and do not want this nonsense to delay publication of my colleagues' fine work.)

The Report and Non-Investigation of Tillery's Outburst

1.  The former student who ear-witnessed Tillery yelling and slamming the door has graciously given me permission to post his sworn statement in its entirety.  (The student has been following the coverage in the Daily Northwestern.)

2.  The former student's account of the yelling, including hearing only a male voice, and also the door-slamming, demonstrates that Tillery's account is false.  

Please note that Tillery admits he is the one who closed the door and is not claiming the noise the student heard was because I slammed it.  (This is a screen shot from page one of his attorney's April 6, 2016 demand letter to me.  Note the attorney references "my prior conduct."  This is never explained and is part of the overall banning strategy, which relies on innuendo instead of concrete evidence.)

3.  NU's official Guidance on Civility and Violence (2005) states, "...disagreement that begins as a respectful exchange of ideas can escalate into behavior that is disrespectful.  Name-calling, raised voices and petty meanness are examples of this.  Any individual who believes he or she has been treated in a manner inconsistent with this policy should contact his or her supervisor, whether a manager, chair or dean, to work with the individuals involved in addressing the situation so that all members of the community can work together in a professional way."

4.  Shortly after Tillery's outburst, per NU policy, I reported this by e-mail to Chair Sara Monoson (Tillery's close friend).  I concluded by writing, "I'm hopeful we can work it out."

5.  The "Civility and Violence" policy further states, "It is ... the responsibility of the supervisor, whether a manager, chair, or dean, to work with the individuals involved in addressing the situation, so that all members of the community can work together in a professional way."

6.   Monoson did not reply to my email.  On March 9, 2016, I sent an email to the Dean of Faculty, Edward Gibson, recently Chair of the Political Science Department, whose Associate Chair was Sara Monoson.  
Gibson did not reply, nor did he at any point follow up on my complaint.

7.  On March 10, 2016, I received the following from Chair Monoson:
I write to acknowledge receipt of your expression of concern.

No further communication from Monoson followed, in violation NU policy (see point 5) .

8.  On April 6, 2016 I received by pdf Tillery's demand letter.

To be continued on 9/9/2016  UPDATE 9/11/2016