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The Ban and Ongoing Retaliation

Below is a list of posts focused on the ban and its wake, in reverse chronological order, with links to original documents.

More Fanciful Stories from Tilleryland. Prof Fails to Disclose Judge Dismissed his First Complaint and that he Pleaded to Settle Counter-Claims.
(June 14, 2018)

Brand NU - Sued for Mismanaging Employee Retirement Funds, and bonus on Brand NU's Lester Crown, corporate titan, warlord, crook, and his arms trade cronies who work out of Brand NU headquarters, the Rebecca Crown Center.  

"The facade of respectability that [NU trustee Lester Crown] surrounded himself all his life was shattered ... Yes, it would be nice if he were on trial."  -- Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Webb to the jury in the 1976 corruption trial whose outcome was predicted to disqualify Crown from contining as a NU trustee.  
(March 5, 2018)

Bleak Scott Hall -- NOTE: All litigation is here. August update notes absence of disciplinary charges, new interruption of Clinic work, and links to court filings and orders in three cases.  (The title alludes to the Dickens novel about ceaseless litigation.)
(First posted August 10, 2017, most recent update: Septembeer 15, 2017.)

Provost and Chair Trump NU Faculty Senate Committee on Cause, Order Short-Notice Office Move on Thursday, January 19 (January 23, 2017).

Details behind the new Political Science Department Speaking Truth to Power Annex in Locy Hall.

Brand NU Merges with Brand Trump, Illegal Office Move Scheduled for Winter Break (December 7, 2016).  

AAUP condemns the move.

Committee without Cause, Political Science without Politics (October 7, 2016)

     Release and analysis of September 26, 2016 report by NU Faculty Senate Committee on Cause, which Associate Provost Lindsay Chase-Lansdale failed to convene in a timely fashion..
The Ivory Clubhouse: The First Week Back (September 27, 2016)

     Examples of NU conflicts of interest and report on poor behavior by Department Chair and others.    

Ban Lifted! Harassment Continues... (September 20, 2016)

     Letter from Dean Adrian Randolph removing the ban and indicating I should immediately resume my teaching responsibilities.  

Brand NU D-L-R-O-W (September 19, 2016)

     Five official documents pertaining to the ban, including the Dean's letter of July 28, 2016.  
Update on fitness for duty interview and return to pick up items from office; colleague discusses with janitor the undercover officer keeping me under surveillance.

    Excerpt -  "A colleague was meeting me and as I waited outside a student, beaming, approached to say hello.  I didn't want to alarm him, but under the terms of the banishment, I was prohibited from any conversation.  "I'm so sorry, but I can't talk to you," I said.  
     I'm standing there.  He's standing there. It's a lovely late afternoon in Evanston as students are reorienting themselves and the enthusiasm over a fresh start among old friends is in the air. We both really wanted to talk and catch up.  But the people he was paying for my salary were telling us we couldn't.  I was nervously looking for my colleague so we could go inside. The student said, "I just wanted to see how things were going. Good luck, I hope it all works out," as though he needed to apologize for violating Randolph's ban.  I felt awful."

Nothing but the Truth Part II (September 11, 2016)

     The cover-up. Hired gun and attorney Kathleen Rinehart's bogus report introducing claims that people "feel unsafe" in my presence.

     Excerpt -  (From statement by colleague in letter to the Dean urging he end the ban.)
 "The overt charges mentioned in Professor Stevens's account appear to consist of the shocking behavior of acting like a tenured professor while female."  

Nothing but the Truth Part I (September 8, 2016)

Initial complaint about Associate Chair Tillery yelling at me and lying about.  Includes Tillery demand letter and August 2016 sworn statement by student affirming that he heard Tillery yelling and slamming the door and that he told this to hired gun attorney Kathleen Rinehart in May, 2016.

Excerpt - "NU's non-independent consultant, Kathleen Rinehart, claims in her Executive Summary that the student did not hear anything and also that I coached him on what to tell her.  Which is it?"

Response to Tillery and Monoson (September 7, 2016)

     Response to Tillery and Monoson statements on Facebook and to the press, continued.

     Excerpt -
4.  Tillery apparently told the Daily Northwestern that that my complaint about him yelling and slamming the door is complicit in the "angry Black man" narrative.  Could be, though Tillery's self-presentation as a dutiful political scientist who goes out of his way to assist Northwestern execute its neoliberal priorities doesn't quite fit the bill.  Regardless, I don't make  up these narratives.  The fact that Tillery's behavior could be narrated as that of the angry Black man is beyond his control, and mine as well.  If the accurate, unblemished account of him yelling and slamming a door further propogates that image, this is unfortunate and of course not my intention.

5.   Not beyond Tillery's control:  1) exploding and persisting in yelling at me after I asked that he lower his voice; 2) slamming the door; 3) lying about it.

Response to Tillery and Monoson (September 4, 2016)

Response to Tillery and Monoson public statements.

Excerpt -
     "The Chronicle quotes Tillery stating he finds my behavior "creepy," and that this is why he feels unsafe around me, actually, why he fears I might shoot him!  (I know the article also includes his allegation that I hysterically fantasized he was yelling at me when he was not, but since I know this didn't happen, the only possible basis I see for his claims about fearing I will shoot him is that he finds me "creepy.")

I find colleagues who gossip publicly and scheme to drive out those whom they dislike instead of doing research and working constructively to resolve petty interpersonal antipathies are the real creeps. Were it not for the fact I have embarassed NU for its creepy behavior, NU's lawyers would have told Monoson and Tillery to focus on their own work and leave me alone."

Response to Slammer (September 2, 2016)

     Al Tillery outs himself as "Slammer" on Facebook after colleagues contact him to ask him who I'm describing.  

Excerpt -
  "My report to the Chair and the Dean of Faculty pointed out a student witnessed Slammer yelling at me. Why not investigate threats to my safety, then and now, psychological and otherwise?  The selective manner in which the administration acted on reports of this altercation shows NU is not motivated by safety. Here was a specific allegation of specific violations of NU policies, but no one bothered to follow up on my claim about being exposed to Slammer's aggression.  The investigator was brought in much later, to investigate Slammer's claim that in reporting the incident, per NU policy, I had defamed him!  The double standard is self-evident."

First Post Announcing Ban and Context (September 1, 2016)
Written in hotel room at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in recognition that without support from my colleagues I would lose my job.